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Our Very First Post! (:

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August 2010
Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 10:55 PM
`Handmade Clips For Sale! (:

Our First Handmade collection (:
Flower clips (;
Flowers are glued to a light pink satin ribbon lined alligator clip.

PDC-SGD$3.00 each
WRC & PRC-SGD$2.50 each

PDC- diameter of about 9cm
PRC&WRC- diameter of about 6cm

Buttons Clips (:
Cute buttons for everyone. 4 Colours to choose from! Suitable for all ages as long as you like it (:

SGD$1.60 each

Buttons Clips (:
Cute buttons, the buttons used are smaller and different from the above picture. 2 colours to choose from (:

SGD$1.60 each

Strawberry And Daisy Clips (:
Cute and sweet clips made specially for you! Good quality embellishment used.

WDC & BSC- $2.60 each
SSC- $2.40 each

Ice Cream Clips (:
Who could resist the temptations of these cute, delicious ice-cream clips?
Made from good quality embellishment.

SGD$2.50 each

Cupcakes Clips (:
Cute cupcakes clip for sale! Irrisistable temptations for everyone (: Made from good quality embellishment.

SGD$2.30 each

CC6-sold out

Crayon Clips (:
Unique and cute crayons, for art lovers! Leave an artistic impression on other people (: Made from good quality embellishments.

SGD$2.30 each

Cool Glasses Clips (:
What else can be cooler than these cool glasses clips?
Made from good quality embellishment.

SGD$2.90 each

Flowers and PomPom clips (:
Cute and sweet flowers sale! Leave a cheerleader impression with our pompom clips!(:

SPR- SGD$1.60 each
SRF- SGD$1.90 each
PPC & UPC- SGD$3.00 each

Crazy About Buttons (;
Buttons are extremely adorable and lovely! They make the clips cute too! Made from good quality buttons (:

SGD$1.80 each

Everything excludes postage...

Hope that you will like it (: Do support us (:
Made with loads of love by Jeslyn and Debbie.
Stay tuned for more wonderful handmade stuffs..