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Ribbons Clips
Ribbon Tray
Handmade Clips For Sale! (:
Our Very First Post! (:

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August 2010
Thursday, August 19, 2010 @ 9:12 AM
`Ribbons Clips

Ribbons Clips
Cute and adorable bow ribbon clips! Customisation of colours allowed! Simply choose the colours from our ribbon tray and let us know that colours you want when ordering(:

SGD$1.80 each

@ 9:11 AM
`Ribbon Tray

Uniquehandmades Ribbon Tray
This is Uniquehandmades' Ribbon Tray, all the ribbons are 3/8". This ribbon tray is applicable for the ribbon lining of the aligator clips, and the ribbon clips that we'll be selling soon(:
So please choose and let us know which ribbon lining do you want for your clips. Thanks!

Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 10:55 PM
`Handmade Clips For Sale! (:

Our First Handmade collection (:
Flower clips (;
Flowers are glued to a light pink satin ribbon lined alligator clip.

PDC-SGD$3.00 each
WRC & PRC-SGD$2.50 each

PDC- diameter of about 9cm
PRC&WRC- diameter of about 6cm

Buttons Clips (:
Cute buttons for everyone. 4 Colours to choose from! Suitable for all ages as long as you like it (:

SGD$1.60 each

Buttons Clips (:
Cute buttons, the buttons used are smaller and different from the above picture. 2 colours to choose from (:

SGD$1.60 each

Strawberry And Daisy Clips (:
Cute and sweet clips made specially for you! Good quality embellishment used.

WDC & BSC- $2.60 each
SSC- $2.40 each

Ice Cream Clips (:
Who could resist the temptations of these cute, delicious ice-cream clips?
Made from good quality embellishment.

SGD$2.50 each

Cupcakes Clips (:
Cute cupcakes clip for sale! Irrisistable temptations for everyone (: Made from good quality embellishment.

SGD$2.30 each

CC6-sold out

Crayon Clips (:
Unique and cute crayons, for art lovers! Leave an artistic impression on other people (: Made from good quality embellishments.

SGD$2.30 each

Cool Glasses Clips (:
What else can be cooler than these cool glasses clips?
Made from good quality embellishment.

SGD$2.90 each

Flowers and PomPom clips (:
Cute and sweet flowers sale! Leave a cheerleader impression with our pompom clips!(:

SPR- SGD$1.60 each
SRF- SGD$1.90 each
PPC & UPC- SGD$3.00 each

Crazy About Buttons (;
Buttons are extremely adorable and lovely! They make the clips cute too! Made from good quality buttons (:

SGD$1.80 each

Everything excludes postage...

Hope that you will like it (: Do support us (:
Made with loads of love by Jeslyn and Debbie.
Stay tuned for more wonderful handmade stuffs..

@ 6:07 AM
`Our Very First Post! (:

Hellos! Our blogshop will be lauching our handmade items very soon! We're very new to blogshop but experienced in it (: so don't worry and do order from us if you're comfortable with the terms and conditions (:
Also, do note that this blogshop sells only PURELY HANDMADE stuffs (: if you would like to view other stuffs or think that it's easier to order on facebook, do add us at Princess De Corner (:
Lastly, STAY TUNED for our very uniquely handmade items, all made with love by Jeslyn and Debbie!
Hope viewers will like it (: comments welcomed (:

Loads of Love,